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Join an ever-expanding network of vendors, shops, and donors helping to get wounded veterans back on their bikes and back out on the road where they can enjoy the freedoms of this great nation they have sacrificed so much for. 


VAMP needs specialty parts according to each wounded veteran’s injuries and their personal motorcycle make and model. We can use your help through donations or discount of these parts to make the dream of riding a reality again for more veterans. Parts such as modified front forks, specialized clutches, reverse gears, push-button shifters and other specialty controls make the difference.


VAMP needs shops and installers who may be willing to donate or discount their time to install these specialty parts for these wounded veterans.


VAMP accepts donations from anyone willing to give in support of this great cause.

Veterans Adaptive Motorcycle Program, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.


Above all else, we hope you take great satisfaction in restoring the freedom to ride to wounded veterans and we know you will see the tangible benefits when each one rides away on their uniquely equipped motorcycle. In addition to this, we know that veterans support organizations that support their fellow veterans. For those vendors and shops that offer their parts and services, your company will appear prominently in future VAMP fund raising efforts and advertisements. In turn, you will be offered the opportunity to proudly display your support to VAMP in your own company’s advertising efforts.


Jack Stottlemire

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